Old town

Known as the town of 365 churches (one for each day of the year), the Ohrid region had been considered as the second Jerusalem. However, only 70 churches preserved from all of the 365 original ones. Listed as a UNESCO heritage site for its unique heritage values (natural and cultural), the town of Ohrid was the oldest and most complete architectural ensemble in the southeastern part of Europe. The old town formed between the VIIth and XIXth centuries on the shores of Lake Ohrid. It developed on archaeological remains that dated back from the Bronze Age to the Middle Ages. Thus, traces from different historical periods of the town (Antiquity, Byzantine, or 19th century) often appeared here and there.

You can walk through the Christian part of the old town of Ohrid and  from the Upper Gate (Gorna Porta) of the fortress, go and see the citadel of Tsar Samoil on the hilltop. From there,  through a pine forest to the church from Plaosnik. From there you can go around tangled streets on the way to St. John’s Church from Kaneo. From there you can back to the town walking a suspended walkway over the waters of Lake Ohrid. Must see the cathedral of St. Sofia and then hiked up to the church of St. Bogorodica Perivlepta.