Old School Techno

“Old School Techno at Discoteque Park Ohrid”
“22 June Saturday 2019”
In the modern world of countless languages, there is only one language so universal it can unite thousands of strangers in one house, break all prejudice and spread love. This universal language is “Techno” We celebrate Techno, we live Techno, we embrace and listen to all its brothers and sisters in all of their forms. We will Lift you up with the ultimate DJ and Elevator Show. Be a part of this unforgettable Event and let the Music control your sexy Body.

DJs Line Up :

Special Guest :
(Skopje Dance Festival)

Dj Nasty deluxe,
(Techno-Agency, City of Drums Recordings / Munich / Germany, CONFETTI DIGITAL / London / UK, Super radio Ohrid)

Philip Ackowsky
(Old School Music & The Godfather Records | Techno-Agency | Old School Music)

Warm up :
(Resident Discoteque PARK)

DJ Yuxell
(Resident Discoteque PARK)