Green bazars

If you want the fruit and vegetables you are buying to be fresh, then buy it on green market. There you have your “own” vendor, who is also the breeder, who you can rely and trust, that fruit and vegetables which he offers are harvested just that morning. Seller with great love and attention was growing the goods he or she is selling to you. It’s like your neighbor, with little conversation and your regular attendance of his or her stall, you will exchange a little chit-chat and get know each other better.

The Green Markets on the matter of inter-relationship between buyers and sellers differ from supermarkets, which in the early 21st century has become a significant competition, on this traditional and very popular form of trade. Public Enterprise City Market – Ohrid, is aware that this sector faces the challenges of modern living, and tries to follow the rhythm of technological development and adapt to the new consumer`s needs, but also to keep and nurture specificity of green markets as to be recognized as places that offer fresh fruits and vegetables and other food products made by known manufacturer (preferably vendor at same time) in an ambience that allows people to meet each other, to communicate and socialize.