Festival Ohridski Trubaduri from 5 – 7 september

Eminent music stars from the Balkans and beyond will beautify the scene in the pearl city of Ohrid on the 26th international edition of “Ohrid Fest – Ohrid Trubaduri”, to be held on September 7th this year. The festival tradition continues, with an enriched program and a live show. To the great pleasure of the festival’s council, artists from Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo, Albania, Russia, Germany, Malta, Sweden and America arrive.

“Ohrid Trubaduri – Ohrid Fest” strives for professional growth and development of the music sector in the republic, with its continuity. The affirmation of our musical names, interacting with international guests, makes Macedonian tones recognizable on the world stage. We discover a small part for lovers of pop music, who will be honored to hear the likes of John Finnhead, Slim Prince, Eric Bastillean; Regional Stars for All Generations Srdjan Marjanovic, Slaven Knezevic, Tolis Domianos, Aida Dochi; While rejoicing that many singers who have stepped on this stage for a long time are returning as Maja Odzaklievska.

The festival is a collage of three nights, different in its musical direction. The first is a folk evening on September 5th, the pop night is on the 6th, and the event concludes with a spectacular edition of the international pop night on September 7th