Cyril Parlichev

Cyril Parlichev was born in Ohrid in 1875. His father was Grigor Parlichev – a popular local educator.

On August 5, 1898, Dimitar Grdanov, a Serbian teacher in Ohrid, and pro-Serbian activist in Macedonia, was murdered by Metody Patchev, after which Patchev and his fellow conspirators Hristo Uzunov, Cyril Parlichev and Ivan Grupchev were arrested.

Parlichev later taught in the Bulgarian Men’s High School of Thessaloniki, where he was accepted in IMARO. During the Ilinden-Preobrazhenie Uprising he was a member of the Hristo Chernopeev’s band. After the end of the unsuccessful uprising he started studying history in Sofia University. In the meantime he worked as a secretary of the IMARO committee in Sofia.

After the Young Turk Revolution, Cyril Parlichev participated in the inauguration of the Bulgarian Constitutional Clubs political party. He taught in Edessa, where he and Hristo Zaneshev contributed to the activity of Bulgarian Constitutional Clubs.