Aleksandar Villa & Spa Ohrid

Welcome to Aleksandar Villa & Spa in Ohrid, Macedonia. This one of a kind luxurious resort is located just outside of Ohrid and 500 meters from the crystal-clear waters of the lake away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The villa is surrounded in beautiful botanical gardens, well groomed grass and a big pool with plenty of space to relax and enjoy yourself in peaceful privacy. The �Galicica� Natioanl Park mountains overlook the Aleksandar Villa estate on one side while the famous Ohrid Lake and Old town peek over on the other side. Aleksandar Villa combines beautiful architecture with modern comfort for the very best accommodation in Ohrid. Aleksandar Villa welcomes you to a true and unique �Villa� experience.

Address: Naselba Raca bb
6000 Ohrid Macedonia
Mobile: +38970 39 11 25
Tel.�� +38946 261 644
FAX +38946 257 089
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