The 25th International Music Festival "Ohrid Fest - Ohridski trubaduri", will be held from 6th to 8th September, will feature over 70 artists. Besides the Macedonian folk and pop performers, the festive will also feature famous artist names from the Balkan countries .... Carlos (Bulgaria), Jacques Houdek, Group of Colonies (Croatia), Pantelis Constantidis (Greece), Alen Islamovic (BIH), Balkanika group (Serbia), Merima Njegomir (Serbia)
 For music lovers it will be an opportunity for a nice holiday and a dance party at the end of the summer. At the festival, there will be more marked and renowned singers, and on Folk Evening will perform Blagica Pavlovska, "Skopje Boemi", Petar Nechovski, Nino Velichkovski, Milica Kuzmanovska, Milovan Sekulovski, "Molika", Zoran Hristov ... .. and on the Pop Evening - Daniel Kajmakovski, Ognen Zdravkovski, Pepa, Denis Dimovski, Lena, Gjoko Gjorcev, Zarmena.
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